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Medicupping Lymphatic Drainage + Face 1.5hrs $135

This treatment could help the body flush out Solid Bloat by reducing its side effects & rehydrating the tissues. Solid Bloat is layers of accumulation of stagnant lymph, blood and debris. Stagnation is found in muscles, in the skin layers and in the connective tissue. Solid Bloat is often caused by inflammation which leads to dehydration of the tissues and the inability of the lymphatic system to eliminate debris. Blood stagnation is caused by micro-tears in compromised soft tissue, old injuries or surgeries, and even being bedridden for an extended period of time due to illness. Cellulite is often stagnant lymph and debris that can be a lifetime accumulation of old medications, anesthesia, smoke or other inhaled contaminants, and cellular wastes. All of this stored material will aggravate the immune system and liver, leading to more inflammation.